October Friday
03:00 PM Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament and Divine Mercy Devotion in St. Faustyna Chapel
06:30 PM Mass in English
07:30 PM Mass in Polish


Can You Answer these Questions?

Can You Answer these Questions?

• Why do you Catholics call your priests "father" when Mt. 23:9 clearly says "call no        man father"?

• Why do you Catholics worship the Eucharist? Isn't it just a symbolic piece of bread?

• How can you believe in God when there is so much suffering in the world?

• Why are Catholics opposed to abortion?

• Why is Mary such a big deal to Catholics?


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“Let the greatest sinners place their trust in My mercy. They have the right before others to trust in the abyss of My mercy. My daughter, write about My mercy towards tormented souls. Souls that make an appeal to My mercy delight Me. To such souls I grant even more graces than they ask. I cannot punish even the greatest sinner if he makes an appeal to My compassion, but on the contrary, I justify him in My unfathomable and inscrutable mercy. Write: before I come as a just judge, I first open wide the door of My mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice…” (1146)