Parish Registration

How to Register? Print and fill out the Parish Registration Form below and mail it in or drop it off at your convenience at the parish office.

We invite all those participants who regularly share in the life of our Faith Community to register with Holy Rosary.

Using the envelopes sent to you each month, will give a visible witness to your sacrificial giving and will support your parish, as well as, giving you a record of your donations for tax purposes.  You will have a “hard copy” of your participation. 

Please know that those who wish to make Holy Rosary their parish with future plans to celebrate a baptism, a wedding, or obtain a letter to be a godparent or sponsor, that it is necessary to be formally registered and actively participating on a regular basis for at least three months before dates can be set or letters be written. 


Registration forms can be found in the back of the church or register online at www.holyrosarypl.org.

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